Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS) - Solicitation Detail

All responses to solicitations must be received on or before the due date and time specified below. All times listed are Central Time. All responses to solicitations must be in written form and according to the information requested in each solicitation.

Pre-Bid/Proposal Conferences may be conducted to provide specific project information, explain aspects of the project and address potential bidder/proposer questions. When a Pre-Bid/Proposal is scheduled, the date, time and location will be found on this page and in the solicitation document.

Solicitation Number:
Solicitation Title:
Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS)
Type of Solicitation:
Request for Proposal
Date Issued:
Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference Date:
10:00 am local Houston on 09/20/2018
Conference Location:
2nd floor Procurement Conference Room #2022, 1900 Main St., Houston, Texas, 77002
Due Date:
12-28-2018 02:00 PM
Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS)
The anticipated METRO Board meeting month for approval of a contract resulting from this solicitation will be forthcoming. It is the responsibility of the bidder to check METROs website for notices on the specific dates for METRO Board meetings. All bidders of this Solicitation and METRO hereby agree that this provision shall serve as the minimum required action by the bidder toward exercising due diligence in obtaining the results of this Solicitation. The requirement of approval by the METRO Board of Directors for any particular solicitation is dependent upon several factors. However, all bidders shall be required to check the METRO web site regarding whether or not the solicitation associated with their bid requires approval by the METRO Board of Directors. All persons and/or entities responding to this Solicitation hereby acknowledge the Public Notice of Solicitation Results enumerated in this Paragraph. METRO Board meeting notices are posted on METROs web site at:
Contract Administrator:
Solicitation Latest Update:
NIGP Code(s):
Small Business Goal:
3% Small Business
Document NameDocument DescriptionDate
RFP 4018000226RFP 401800022608-28-2018
4018000226 Pre-Proposal Meeting Attendance List4018000226 Pre-Proposal Meeting Attendance List09-20-2018
4018000226 Amendment 0014018000226 Amendment 00110-04-2018
SOIP Amendment 002SOIP Amendment 00210-05-2018
Amendment 002Amendment 00210-05-2018
Questions and Answers 2Questions and Answers 210-19-2018
4018000226 Amendment 0034018000226 Amendment 00311-05-2018
4018000226 SOIP Amendment 0034018000226 SOIP Amendment 00311-06-2018
4018000226 Questions and Answers 44018000226 Questions and Answers 411-08-2018
7018000226 Amendment 0047018000226 Amendment 00411-15-2018
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