Listed below are METRO current solicitations. Solicitation documents are available online for download. To view Solicitation Details click on the solicitation number.

List of METRO Solicitations
Solicitation NumberTitleDue Date
4019000172Inspection, Repair, and Preventative Maintenance Services on Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) and Battery Systems 11-13-2019 02:00 PM
4020000003Universal Accessibility Improvements11-13-2019 02:00 PM
4019000117Professional A/E Services for Civil Traffic and Accessibility Design for Transit Facilities and Transit/Transportation Improvement Projects on an ‘As Needed’ Basis11-18-2019 02:00 PM
4019000124Rehabilitation of Waste Water Treatment Plan at HC BOF11-20-2019 02:00 PM
4020000001Leeland Bike Lane Construction11-20-2019 02:00 PM
4020000021Cummins Diesel Engine Fuel Injectors11-20-2019 02:00 PM
4020000004RFQuals for A/E Design Services for W Bellfort P&R Modifications12-02-2019 02:00 PM
4020000002ROC Tie Upgrade/Redline Tie Replacement, Drainage, Subgrade Improvements.12-04-2019 02:00 PM
4019000141Purchase of Low Floor Paratransit Vans12-11-2019 02:00 PM