Contract Awards

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Contract Awards
Solicitation NumberTitleContract NumberAward Date
4017000086Multi-Purpose & Specialty Paper701700039303/24/2017
4017000136Corrosion Control Services on an "As-Needed" Basis701800002310/30/2017
4017000150Preventative Maintenance, Inspections & Repair of Macton Lifts701700051008/31/2017
4017000206Purchase/Maintenance of Digital Copiers701800002511/07/2017
4017000243Tire Lease and Maintenance701800002110/23/2017
4017000251Purchase of Bus Fluids - Inventory701800001510/19/2017
4017000251Purchase of Bus Fluids - Inventory701800001610/19/2017
4017000251Purchase of Bus Fluids - Inventory701800001710/19/2017
4017000267Courier Services701800008501/30/2018
4017000271Purchase of 20 Heavy Duty 40-Foot CNG Low Floor Transit Buses701800008201/25/2018
4018000010Contract - AXLE- LOW FLOOR WTH PIN, DIN7, 10H8 X 20701800010102/12/2018
4018000027Seat Parts701800011102/22/2018
4018000035For Collection, Transportation and Disposal of Solid Waste701800009702/06/2018
4018000061Engineering Services701800005812/12/2017
4018000061Arch/Engineering Services - General as needed701800005912/12/2017
4018000062Engineering Services, as needed: Civil, Traffic, Accessibility701800006012/13/2017
4018000062A/E Engineering Services on as needed basis - Civil, Traffic, Accessibility701800006112/13/2017
4018000063A/E Engineering Services as needed for Light Rail System701800006212/13/2017
4018000092BRAKE DRUMS701800015804/11/2018
4018000092BRAKE DRUMS701800015904/11/2018
4018000094MOBILE CELLULAR ROUTERS701800015203/27/2018
4018000104For the Cleaning of the Storm Water Oil Water Separator701800015303/28/2018
4018000113Purchase and Delivery of Receiver and Transmitter Modules701800018305/02/2018
IB1600014 CNG Gas Detection and Alarm System Construction701700024411/08/16
IB1600019 Purchase of Plotter Supplies701700032412/22/16
IFBMM16024Purchase and Delivery of Cummins Engine Parts 701700029512/23/16
IFBMM16024Purchase and Delivery of Cummins Engine Parts 701700029912/23/16
IFBMM16024Purchase and Delivery of Cummins Engine Parts 701700030012/23/16
IFBMM16024Purchase and Delivery of Cummins Engine Parts 701700030112/23/16
IFBMM16024Purchase and Delivery of Cummins Engine Parts 701700030312/23/16
RP1600011 SAP Support Services701700033101/26/17
RP1600011 SAP Support Services701700034201/26/17